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Corporate Partners

We love being able to help Kansas City companies keep their employees in shape! With a complete nutrition and exercise plan in place for their workforce, companies experience lower turnover, better productivity, fewer absentee days and lower insurance costs. If you're lucky enough to work for one of the companies listed below, your employer has demonstrated a commitment to your well-being by partnering with Survival Boot Camp. Each corporate partner may have different requirements or arrangements with us, but registrations for each company are the same: just pay online and add the Boot Camp to your schedule.

If you're a Kansas City employer, imagine increasing company production by improving employee health and morale...providing your staff with the opportunity to become educated on how to live a healthier lifestyle...and providing a valuable benefit to reward your staff!

Corporate America is spending 59% more on health care costs than just 5 years ago. In 2007, health care expenses were $8,796 per year.

Today's employees are working longer hours and more intensely than ever, while their mental and physical health are taking a back seat. Many employees are struggling daily with stress, disease, excess weight and even depression. These risk factors reduce morale and production and may even threaten the financial success of the company. So what can you do to make a difference? You have the power to provide employees with the education and tools they need to reduce their stress, lose excess weight and improve their health, energy and self-esteem. Imagine a workplace with less stress and happier and healthier employees. Imagine a work environment that produces more in less time. So why invest in employee health? The future of your company and its people depends on it.

Contact Survival Boot Camp today and let's set up a program for your company...just as we have for these fine Kansas City employers.

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The following companies are actively participating in our Corporate Partners Program. Each company has a separate registration for its own employees, so if your employer is listed below, you're ready to get going!






Centerpoint Medical Center employees, enroll now through the Survival Boot Camp Corporate Partner Portal.