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There's a reason our veteran boot campers come back month after month! Some of them even want to sign up months in advance, because they're looking forward to the rewarding experience they have at Survival Boot Camp. Here are some quotes from actual campers....

Dive in feet-first with fellow boot campers!

Don't take our word for it — ask our campers!

"Survival Boot Camp is addicting..."

As a marathon runner I was looking for a way to increase my core strength and focus on areas other than just cardio. I found a new passion with Summer’s classes to combine cardio and strength with a different workout each time. As a result I have gained confidence in myself, I’m stronger and have challenged myself to do things that I would never do with running alone or without the encouragement of Summer and other boot campers. Two years later and I keep coming back for more. It’s one of the best commitments I have made to myself.

— Stacy S.

"I have been participating in Survival Boot Camp for 14 months and have lost 85 pounds!"

I am so appreciative to Summer and the trainers for taking a personal interest in me and helping me reach my goals. Each class I am encouraged to keep going and push myself more! I would recommend Boot Camp to anyone!!! Every time you go there are new things to do that will push you to your fitness goals!

— Jessica

"It makes you push yourself to levels you don’t think you would ever get to on your own..."

In ten months I have accomplished better results than any other fitness regimen I have tried. It truly is addicting…especially when you see great results!

— Gerry L.

"Survival Bootcamp has had a tremendous impact on my life the past year and half..."

The weight loss of 30+ pounds is actually secondary to the other benefits I have experienced. I have worked with personal trainers and spent “huge” amounts of money on trying to maintain my fitness, but it wasn’t until I signed up for Survival Bootcamp did I experience permanent results. The support I get from not only Summer, but the other campers is what has become addictive. The collegiality, emotional support, intensity of the workout, and diversity of the workouts are what set Survival Bootcamp apart from other workout initiatives I have participated in during my fitness tenure. Not to mention that for the money, a person gets more bang-for-their-buck. Summer has a unique gift to know when to give support, inspire, or motivate campers. Her genuineness, expertise, and passion are second to none!

— Lisa J.